Robin Freeman is Publisher at Common Ground, with responsibility for producing a list of trade, academic and professional titles. Robin has fifteen years experience in educational and trade editing and publishing and a post-graduate qualification in professional writing and editing from Deakin University. As part of the RMIT EPICS project, she was a contributing researcher, writer and editor to Digital Rights Management and Content Creation: Technology Drivers Across the Book Production Supply Chain, from Creator To Consumer, (

Developing Knowledge Workers in the Printing and Publishing Industries: Education, Training and Knowledge Management in the Publishing Supply Chain, from Creator to Consumer

Provides a 'how-to' conclusion to issues of technological change and the issues of market change.

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Technology and Management Systems for Digital Rights and Content: The Editor’s Friend

A primer for editors on changes to book production enabled by the new technologies of digitisation and the Internet; on what should be known about new technologies, the Internet and editing, and how to go about getting this information.

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